Swift Bundler
An Xcodeproj-less tool for creating cross-platform Swift apps.
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Swift Bundler provides a layer over the top of Swift Package Manager that turns built executables into distributable apps. The only setup required is a (git-friendly) configuration file.

There used to be an early access version, but that has now been merged, and the public version supports creating both macOS and iOS apps!

Why Swift Bundler?

Escape Xcode

All of us know how frustrating it is when Xcode's syntax highlighting breaks, its auto complete stops working or it crashes and we can't do anything to fix it.

VSCode and many other code editors are open source (along with their extensions) and the community can easily step up and fix bugs. I use neovim/helix and the autocompletion is more stable than Xcode!

However, if you still want to use Xcode, Swift Bundler has excellent support for building and running through Xcode without requiring an xcodeproj.

No more xcodeproj-related merge conflicts!

A cross-platform future

Swift Bundler currently has full support for macOS. And iOS support is in an experimental state. In the future I hope to add support for other platforms such as Linux, Windows, Android and more.

Along with an easy to use cross-platform UI framework (such as [SwiftCrossUI](https://github.com/stackotter/swift-cross-ui)) I believe that Swift can be a great language for developing performant and native cross-platform apps.

Apps made with Swift Bundler