Early access
To get access to Swift Bundler's latest features you must become a monthly sponsor of stackotter. This will grant you read access to Swift Bundler's private repository.
Sponsor stackotter

Preferred payment amount

If you are using Swift Bundler in a commercial endeavour, I kindly ask that you pay a bit more than an individual might. I pour a lot of time into this project and that is all that I ask in return.

Why early access?

Swift Bundler has gone into early access because otherwise its development is not viable for me. Without the support of my sponsors I would not be able to continue spending so much of my time on my open source projects.

Already using Swift Bundler?

If you are already using Swift Bundler, contact me via Discord (stackotter#3100), Twitter (@stackotter) or email (stackotter@stackotter.dev) and I will give you access. This early access period is not intended to take Swift Bundler away from existing users.